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AnyTime Organizer Deluxe
Новость от: marlon
Просмотров: 333

Прекрасный органайзер на каждый день с кучей функций. Стильный интерфейс, удобная навигация, есть система оповещений, адресная книга и много ещё чего полезного. Помимо органайзера в deluxe версию вошли такие примочки как органайзер ваших паролей, часы различных стран мира и другое..


AnyTime Organizer has all the powerful tools you need to organize your personal and professional life! The friendly and simple interface makes it easy to access the Calendars, To-Do lists, Contacts, Notebooks, Passwords, Expenses, and hundreds of design combinations for printable calendars. Let AnyTime Organizer help you organize your life and you will see why more people choose AnyTime over any other brand of organizer software.

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe 16 Features:

The Only Organizer that Organizes Your Calendar, To-Do’s and Contacts!
Organize your calendar for work, personal, or other groups. Schedule events, calls, tasks and appointments. Increase your productivity and prioritize and manage your To-Do lists. Keep a detailed record of every contact. Remember important events–even prepare a holiday card mailing!

New! Get AnyTime Organizer Info with Your iPhone & Android Apps!
Access your calendar, To-Do list and contacts from your home or office 24/7 from your mobile device or Web apps. Sync your calendar, contacts, and To Do’s using AnySync. Sync for free through your Google or iCloud accounts and access data from any connected device on AnyTime.

- Organize and switch between multiple calendars: work or personal, and create categories
- Schedule events, calls, tasks and appointments, and avoid conflicts
- View schedule by day, week, month or year
- Add recurring and repeating events
- Drag-and-drop to reschedule
- Print or e-mail a PDF of schedule

Layout Designer–Choose from 100+ Layouts & 15 Base Themes for Customization!
Take advantage of exclusive layouts like Weekend Planner, 3-Day Travel Planner, and Tri-Fold Address Book. Create a PDF of any layout and e-mail your schedule to others.

Downloadable Calendars
Add-in your favorite NFL®, NBA®, NHL®, MLBTM, PGATM, and NASCAR® season schedule to your daily planner. Have fun with the Lunar Calendar, Famous Birthdays, International Holidays, and Word-of-the-Day.

Design Layout Share and Print
- More than 3,000 layout design combinations
- Choose from 15 base themes or create your own design
- Exclusive layouts include Weekend Planner, 3-Day Travel Planner, and Tri-Fold Address Book. Print to popular day planner sizes including 8.5″ x 11″, 5.5″ x 8.5″, 3.75″ x 6.75′, and 3.5″ x 6″
- Print or send as PDF

Address Book & Contacts
- Keep a detailed record of every contact
- Remember birthdays and anniversaries – even prepare a holiday card mailing
- Keep a history of meetings, tasks and notes
- Simply drag-and-drop to schedule calls
- Date and time stamps are added automatically
- Add photos for each person as a quick visual

To-Do Lists
- Keeps record of accomplished tasks
- Set deadlines, track, prioritize, sub-prioritize, and add alarms and important notes for to-do’s
- Assign tasks to categories
- View completed versus non-completed to-do’s
- Add alarms

Electronic Sticky Notes
- Add colorful reminders to desktop with one-click
- Visible while working in other applications
- Display in front of or behind open applications
- Choose note sizes, colors and fonts

Special Event Reminders
- Keep track of special events tied to each contact (e.g. birthdays, anniversaries)
- Set event alarms

Alarms & Reminders
- Use MP3 music as alarm ringtones
- Snooze alarms by hours, days or weeks
- Send text message and e-mail reminders

Driving Directions
- Get maps and driving directions for any entry in address book

Import & Export
- Import data seamlessly from Microsoft® Outlook, Sidekick®, Lotus Organizer®, Day-Timer Organizer®, previous versions of AnyTime, and other organizers
- Import addresses, phone numbers, and contacts

AnyTime Clocks™
- Unlimited number of simultaneous clocks and timers
- Add to desktop
- World Clock to track date and time in any time zone
- Countdown Timer
- Elapsed Timer to monitor events and tasks, or capture billable time

System Requirements:
Windows PC: Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7 • 45 MB Hard Disk Space • 800 x 600 higher display • Speakers or Headphones recommended • Sound Card recommended

Официальный сайт | Home Page: http://www.individualsoftware.com
Размер | Size: 319 MB

AnyTime Organizer Deluxe cracked

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