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Algodoo v2.0.1 (by Algoryx Simulation) Win/MacOSX
Новость от: Liandri
Просмотров: 6828
Компьютерная игра-симулятор физики в виде "песочницы". Представляет собой графический анимационный редактор, основанный на технологии XML, который позволяет создавать объекты «на лету» - они сразу начинают подчиняться законам физики.
Algodoo - второе рождение симулятора Phun, который разрабатывался шведским студентом Эмилем Эрнерфельдтом в рамках его работы на получение титула магистра наук при факультете информатики университета Умео. Сейчас права на разработку и распространение игры принадлежат фирме Algoryx Simulation, основанной сотрудниками факультета.

Long awaited, following the immense popularity of Emil Ernerfeldt's Phun 2D Physics Sandbox, we proudly present Algodoo!
Algodoo is a 2D-simulation environment for creating interactive scenes in a playful, cartoony manner, making use of the physics that we use to explain our real world. Algodoo is designed to encourage young people’s own creativity, ability and motivation to construct knowledge. The synergy of science and art makes Algodoo as educational as it is entertaining. Algodoo applies a constructionistic learning paradigm - learning by designing, constructing and exploring physical systems.
Algodoo is optimized for the Intel-powered convertible classmate PC. It utilizes the webcam to create physical models from live photos, the touch screen and digital pen input for drawing objects, and the accelerometer for virtual experiments and very direct interaction with the physical simulation. Young kids can use Algodoo for drawing and the physics make their drawings come to life. From this they can learn fundamental things about physics such as motion, forces, mass and density. Older kids can construct virtual experiments that illustrate the fundamental laws of physics such as conservation of energy and momentum. They can also build advanced and innovative machines or create an animation to tell a story.

Simulations are created using simple drawing tools and the user can interact with the simulation by click, drag, tilt and shake. Color traces, force and velocity vectors can be used to enhance visualization. Algodoo comes with models for rigid bodies, fluids, chains, gears, gravity, contacts, friction, restitution, springs, hinges, lock, motors, laser rays and optics, and utilizes novel simulation technologies and high performance numerical methods developed in the professional simulation products of Algoryx Simulation and based on academic research at Umeå university.

Algodoo is derived from Algoryx' precursor product Phun, which was made freely available for non-commercial use during the beta testing period. Phun has been a tremendous success and has generated 1.3 million downloads, over 13.000 user provided scenes, and thousands of entertaining video clips on YouTube. Among its users are kids, students, animators, teachers and science centers. The concept is off-spring from research at Umeå University, where Emil Ernerfeldt developed the first version in his MSc project at the Department of Computing Science, supervised by Kenneth Bodin at the High Performance Computing Center North.

“I wanted to create an application that brings out the creativity in people, and where anyone can implement their ideas quickly and easily,” says Emil Ernerfeldt, now lead programmer of Phun and Algodoo at Algoryx.

“A dream come true is a tool that builds upon children’s own creativity, ability and motivation to learn. What we perhaps didn’t expect was that Algodoo also would bring out the child in all the rest of us! The Intel-powered classmate PC is a very exciting platform for us to work on, both for its ruggedness and its performance and features, but even more for its business model. We believe the Intel-powered classmate PC can facilitate development of new applications in education, just like the impact the game consoles has for the entertainment sphere. This creates a new exciting market, and in the end this is very beneficial for education,” says Kenneth Bodin, CEO and co-founder of Algoryx.

“We are excited to see Algoryx utilizing hardware features of the Intel-powered convertible classmate PC design, such as the camera, touch screen and accelerometer, to make learning physics fun. Intel works with Algoryx through the Intel® Learning Series, an initiative that supports developers in designing education specific applications for the Intel-powered classmate PC. Algodoo is a great example of how members of the Intel Learning Series alliance can develop engaging and rewarding education experience for students using the Intel-powered classmate PC," says Eugene Hsu, Director of Ecosystem Enabling, Emerging Market Product Group at Intel.

Algodoo originates from "Phun 2D Physics Sandbox", which was created by Emil Ernerfeldt in his computing science MSc project at Umeå university.

About Algodoo Physics

Become an inventor with Algodoo Physics - Start designing and testing your ideas in seconds. Algodoo is endless fun for any age to create, play & learn physics!

In a simulated “real” world you can build, play and make your inventions come alive. With simple drawing tools, objects like gears, motors, lasers, springs, ropes, and even water, you can test wacky ideas, build amazing machines and design cool games. Easily share your beautiful creations with friends and challenge them to use their own creative minds.

Note: This version of Algodoo comes WITHOUT features like plots, lessons and visualization of forces, velocities and momentum.

For drawing and building
Algodoo Physics comes with an abundance of tools for constructing, building and creating your designs.
• Use the unique Sketch tool - an all-in-one tool with gestures for multi drawing and editing - that makes your workflow quick and easy.
• Or draw your creations with basic tools like Circles, Boxes, Polygons, Planes, Gears, Ropes & Chains.
• Make your inventions truly unique by adding physics like Springs, Axles, Thrusters, Lasers, Fixates and Tracers.
• Edit and interact with your creations using tools like Scale, Rotate, Move, Cut and Drag.
• For even more editing you can make water, set collision layers, group objects, add mechanics, etc, to your different components.

For design and final touches
The Algodoo world is colorful but you can easily change the look and feel in Algodoo.
• Set color for your background, water and your objects. Save your colors as different palettes for future work. You can also change the look of your artwork with pre-made palettes like X-ray, Optics, Sunset, and many others.
• Experiment with different materials in Algodoo Physics. In seconds you can set density, friction and restitution for your objects. Making them slippery like ice, heavy like gold or bouncy like a rubber ball. Algodoo comes with 9 different pre-made materials: Gold, Glass, Stone, Steel, Rubber, Helium, Wood, Ice and the Default Algodoo material.

For sharing and daring
If you want some inspiration, find scenes in “Algobox” - a library of Algodoo creations. There are more than 50 000 user-created scenes that you will find amazing, awe-inspiring and fun.
• Browse around for hours, download and play your favourite scenes, all within Algodoo.
• Sign up for your personal account and start sharing your creations. Challenge your friends to try them or dare them to build even cooler scenes.
• Rate, comment and like all scenes on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

About Algodoo for Education

Algodoo for Education is easy to use and easy to learn! Browse, load and create lessons from within Algodoo or examine your scenes with graphs and visualization of forces, velocities and momentum.

This fully interactive software allows students to benefit from the most effective method of learning – that of “learning by doing”. Algodoo for Education is therefore perfectly designed for science classes or exploring physics at home with quick and easy experimentation. Algodoo motivates students and children to explore and play with physics while having fun.

For exploring and analyzing
Algodoo for Education comes with an abundance of tools for experimenting, analyzing and educating in science.
• Request Plots to demonstrate exact changes in values and events in your scene
• View force arrows to help students understand friction, force, velocity, momentum and gravity’s effects on the things around us.
• Enhanced visualization with X/Y components for deeper analysis.
• Create, save and share your own lessons – either for your own personal use or for putting in the library for all Algodoo users to see and benefit from.
• View built-in lessons as well as those that other teachers have created and shared. Adapt them to suit your lesson requirements and complexity level. This saves time in lesson preparation as well as reduces the requirement for being an Algodoo expert in order to benefit from the program.

For teaching and learning
Algodoo for Education covers a huge variety of topics within the physics curriculum that are much easier for students to comprehend with the aid of simulation.
• Learn and teach about newtons law, kinematics, energy conservation, collisions, rotation, torque, angular momentum, fluids, optics, refraction and much, much more.
• Motivate and increase your students interest in science.
• Students themselves can “play” with the parameters and see the immediate results of their interaction.

For SMART Board and Interactive Whiteboards
Algodoo for Education is fully integrated and optimized for SMART Boards but also supports other whiteboard manufacturers systems.
SMART Board features:
• Multitouch supporting multi-user drawing, interaction and editing on SMART Boards
• Pen gestures for creating objects, interact with scenes and control simulations
• Full support for SMART Board pen colors, erasers and gestures

- NEW: Object can now have custom script variables that are properly serialized and cloned (they must start with an underscore, e.g. "_size := 15").
- NEW: Both "color" and "colorHSVA" now serialized, making both scriptable.
- NEW: Move selected objects half a pixel at the time using the arrow keys (only when simulation is paused).
- NEW: Move selected objects to front/back with SHIFT + down/up arrow keys.
- NEW: Improved script menu with readables and cmd result.
- NEW: Thyme command Scene.entityByID, (e.g. (Scene.entityByID(21)).color)
- NEW: Thyme command Scene.entityByGeomID
- NEW: Thyme functions Math.log10 and Math.log (natural base).
- NEW: Geometry generation from opaque images (background removal). Works best with clip-art like images.
- NEW: Added check/uncheck all buttons to options->layers as well as to the force visualization menu.
- NEW: Added helpful Thyme command "Scene.MakeModern" to update a scene:s settings to the modern Algodoo version. Will change simulation settings and legacyMode:s.
- NEW: Algodoo now uses CrashRpt (Windows only) to catch most crashes and ask the user to send in a crash report to Algoryx.
- NEW: Ctrl-D now deselects everything in the scene.
- NEW: TAB now toggles hide/show windows.
- NEW: Play mode, accessible with button in menu-bar, or SHIFT-space.
- NEW: When loading a scene, a popup will show the scene description, if any.
- IMP: A polygon with a circular outer shell will now roll much smoother on planes and boxes.
- IMP: Positioning of long undo/redo lists.
- IMP: Loading screen no longer stays on top of all other windows.
- IMP: Spring end-points can now be behind the geometry it is connected to (by popular request).
- IMP: Improved support for drag-and-drop of images from web browser into Algodoo. It now works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari (but NOT Internet Explorer) on both Windows and Mac.
- IMP: Added popup message when failing to rename a file in the file browser.
- IMP: Algodoo now always starts full screen after first install.
- IMP: User textures will now be copied to Algodoo/textures/ directory.
- IMP: Improved culling of small force/velocity/momentum arrows.
- IMP: Sim.positionsLast now true by default, fixing issue where the force arrows of moving objects would be wrong when simulation was paused.
- IMP: Re-enabled undo-merging of certain actions (drag, move, slider, texture, palette) when done within 10 seconds of last action of same type. Control with App.enableUndoMerge.
- IMP: Nicer splash screen/about window with links to algodoo.com/algoryx.se
- IMP: Rotating an object around a hinge will no longer re-attach the hinge (or fixate).
- FIX: Loading screen translucency now disabled on Windows XP.
- FIX: Turning a circle into a polygon (for instance by scaling or doing CSG) will now conserve its area (used to be off by about 0.1%).
- FIX: Bug causing rotate not to be undoable.
- FIX: Bug where moving a spring would sometimes change it's strength and/or damping.
- FIX: Popups will now steal focus (from e.g. text boxes).
- FIX: Can't drag windows with right mouse button.
- FIX: Some instances where the file browser could crash Algodoo.
- FIX: Loading files with non-ascii letters.
- FIX: Thyme command "readable" now works properly when loading and cloning objects.
- FIX: Sim.targetPenetration for old Phun scenes.
- FIX: Chain tool now previews length when holding down SHIFT.
- FIX: Chain tool now build chain as soon as SHIFT is up.
- FIX: Rare corner-case issue where a laser would pass right through the diagonal of a box or box-like polygon.
- FIX: Better handling of lasers at shallow angle of incidence.
- FIX: Correct preview of laser beam when cloning a laser pen.
- FIX: Random laser pen color will now always be visible against the sky.
- FIX: Bug when calculating rotational kinetic energy for bodies that made it appear as if energy was increasing when in fact it was not.
- FIX: Scene save overwrite dialog's "Save as foo_0000.phz" not working.
- FIX: Chain tool drawing in white even on white background.
- FIX: Some start up issues.
- FIX: Rare source of crash that could occur when unlocking Algodoo on Windows.
- FIX: Entering a bad serial key temporarily re-locking an already unlocked Algodoo.
- FIX: Total force arrow color (once again it is red).
- FIX: Issue with drag-and-drop of components from the component browser.
- FIX: Issue with Algodoo claiming no Internet connection when browsing own scenes/components (caused by failure of finding "My Documents" for whatever reason).
- FIX: When a tutorial highlights a button in the GUI, the window containing the button will be moved on top of other windows.
- FIX: Saving a scene as alternative file name (e.g. "foo_0000.phz") will now change the scene title.
- FIX: Premature culling of hinge force arrows.
- FIX: Issue with invalid characters in scene file name.
- FIX: Issue with expanding force description fields.
- FIX: Rare issue with large text fields not drawing top part.
- FIX: A bug that would sometimes cause Algodoo to crash on startup.
- FIX: Issue where some bad polygons would make Algodoo hang.
- FIX: Startup crash involving http://www.algodoo.com/algobox/details.php?id=59214
- FIX: Issue with fullscreen toggle moving the window outside the monitor.
- FIX: Only one of: Splash, Welcome and About windows will be shown at startup.
- FIX: Issue with clicking a folder in the scene browser when the view has been scrolled down a bit.
- FIX: Opening a sidebar widget will now give keyboard focus to the component (allowing, for instance, selecting the new scene template with arrow keys/enter).
- FIX: Issue with incorrect undo of attraction falloff (and possibly other attributes).
- FIX: Bug where using scale tool would change selection after scaling was completed.

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10


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