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Star Prospector v1.1a (by Cryptstone Games)
Новость от: Liandri
Просмотров: 5470
Гибрид RPG и стратегии в реальном времени. На дворе эра освоения новых планет. Вам предстоит стать одним из
первопроходцев и завоевать множество враждебных миров. Управляя одноместным многофункциональным юнитом,
игрок способен строить базы, добывать ресурсы и изучать территорию. С опытом станут доступны новые умения, снаряжение и апгрейды.
В игре 100 процедурно-генерируемых миссий, множество враждебно настроенных существ и собственная RPG-система.

Star Prospector is a single-player strategy game set in a future science fiction universe. Star Prospector mixes elements of real-time strategy and role-playing game genres resulting in a totally new & unique gaming experience. The player takes on the role of a prospector, a one-person mining, salvage, and construction unit, taking on missions on remote planets across the galaxy in search of resources, technology, and adventure.
At the start of the game the player will choose their own prospecting rig, an all-purpose construction, combat, and mining vehicle that will be used throughout the game. The rig can be outfitted with a large selection of weapons and various upgrade modules. In each mission the player will be transported to a unique planet. There the player must build a base, gather resources, create units, and complete assigned mission objectives earning experience and credits. At each level of experience the player will get skill points and gain access to new units, buildings, and items.

• 100 randomly generated missions (including story centric missions) within a galaxy that is unique for every player
• Earn experience, skill points, and credits from missions to purchase units, upgrades, and weapons
• Battle against brutal Scavenger forces as well as a myriad of hostile creatures
• Scan and mine ore, build wells to collect fuel, defend your base with turrets
• Units gain combat experience and level-up within each mission and can be upgraded with shields, armor, damage, and other attributes
• Collect loot from enemies. Use your rig to salvage wreckage for unique items
• Outfit your Rig with weapons and modules to boost your stats

New features:
- Star Prospector - Tower Defender
- New tower defense style game
- Features 8 levels
- Earn bronze, silver, or gold medals for each level you complete
- Hours of new gameplay available

New buildings:
- Plasma turret
- Pulse turret
- Slowing tower (slowing field) - slows enemy units to 50%

New PERKS system (Purchase under new tab at the shop):
- Increase starting ore 1 and 2 - start with 500 or 1000 ore
- Increase starting fuel 1 and 2 - start with 100 or 250 fuel
- Increase radar range (50% range increase)
- Scanning enrichment (change to enrich patches on first scan)
- Scanning Quantity (change to increase quantity of ore in a patch on first scan)
- Ore bonus 1 and 2 - get credits for remaining ore in a mission (25% up to 250 credits, 50% of remaining ore up to 500)
- Sell bonus - Sell bulding returns 75% ore instead of the default 50%

- Added "recycle" button to all buildings (returns 50% ore)
- New system for queueing commands. Supports move, attack, attack-move, repair, build
- Rig will now repair damaged damaged buildings via Right-click (for warp platform you still need to use Repair command)
- Vegetation re-scaled in most environments (looks much better)
- Added quicksave - hotkey F5
- Turrets can now be upgraded to increase range, rotate speed, and damage (hotkey u)
- New hotkeys : (+) increase game speed, (-) decrease game speed, (u) upgrade selected turret
- Fabricator rally-point can now be set on mining nodes so new miners auto-mine
- Added support for user_fonts.cfg in APP DATA to override font settings
- Added option for high DPI fonts (under Options->HUD)
- Tooltip delay removed so people can easily see the hotkey assignments etc.
- New option to display tooltips in Options->HUD
- Options menu layout changed, new HUD tab for in-game GUI options
- Game speed control max raised to 1.8x
- Mission Time display now shows the game speed multiplier (only if it is greater than 1.0x)
- Picking up crates now indicates the type and amount of item you picked up
- Rick-click on an emtpy area will now rotate a turret (if there are no enemies in range)
- Right-click on an empty area will stop a turret attacking friendly or neutral targets like barrels
- New profiles GUI more descriptive tooltips for laser/mg and bots
- Toggle for turret radar range indicator circles
- Enemy and Neutral buildings no longer have recycle and upgrade buttons
- Quicksave hotkey F5 now added to user hotkey file

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• DirectX 9c
• 3 GHz
• 1 GB RAM

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9


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FrenFolio 10.04.12 | 22:54:47

Mirror (зеркало) to LetItBit

Orbeat 10.04.12 | 23:04:18


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Здесь может быть Ваша реклама
Здесь может быть Ваша реклама
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