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Windows Micro2003 v0.7 - eXPerience
Новость от: brodyga
Просмотров: 4269

Облегчённая операционная система на базе - Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2.


The facilitated operational system on base - Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2.

eXPerience Presents...
Micro2003 v0.7


Thank you for trying Micro2003 v0.7

(Based on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2)


Installation Time From End Of Formatting... 5 Mins 50 Secs
RAM Usage On First Installation............ 39.4 Mb*
Handles.................................... 2113*
Threads.................................... 136*
Processes.................................. 14*
WINDOWS Folder............................. 177 Mb
Items In System32.......................... 645
ISO File Size.............................. 100.43 Mb

*Figures shown are for a system with
the "Print Spooler" service disabled.


Remaining Services In Windows:

Cryptographic Services
DCOM Server Process Launcher
DHCP Client
Event Log
Logical Disk Manager
Plug and Play
Print Spooler
Remote Procedure Call
Windows Audio
Wireless Zero Configuration

Logical Disk Manager Administrative Service
Network Connections
Remote Access Auto Connection Manager
Remote Access Connection Manager
Windows Installer


NOTE: On your desktop, inside the "eXPerience" folder, there is a
folder called "Functionality". In this Functionality folder there
are two registry files - DISABLE.REG and ENABLE.REG. If you run
DISABLE.REG it will set Windows so it is only running the core
services and by doing this you can save even more RAM memory,
however, you will lose certain functionality if you run this
file (DISABLE.REG), so make sure to read the ReadMe file that
is with these two registry files.


eXPerience Desktop Folder Sub-Folders:

Data Execution Prevention
Desktop Icon Layout
Hard Drive Not Showing
Hardware Acceleration
Keyboard Settings
MSI File Install Fixer
Playing Games
Registry Backup

Every sub-folder of the eXPerience folder has a ReadMe.txt file,
you should always read these text files before doing anything
with any of the tools in these sub-folders.


Reduced Installation:

This is a greatly reduced installation
of Windows Server 2003 Enterprise SP2.

Please read these notes before using this edition of Windows:

Standalone system only! - The "Network Connections" service has
been kept, but this service is only there to allow the smooth
install of Ethernet card drivers, or modem drivers. The "Network
Connections" service is not there to support LAN networking! You
could try plugging another PC into yours and see what happens, it
might work, but LAN networking is not necessarily functional in
this install.

Single User Only! - You cannot create extra users. You can only
use the account that is installed by default. You actually can
create another "Administrator" but beware - it cannot save any
of the settings in Windows! For example you log in with a created
Administrator account called "Bobby" and change the desktop from
blue to black, every time you log in as "Bobby" you will be back
to the blue wallpaper again. None of the settings stay saved. Also,
the new user would have a Windows 95 style theme as well. The main
account that this installation gives you is not affected if you
make up another Administrator account, but for the above reasons,
making any new Administrator account is pointless. You cannot make
a new "User" account at all, if you do, you will not be able to log
in with the new account unless it is an Administrator's account and
even then, it will not save any settings. Despite all of the above
you can still of course change the existing account name. Just look
in Control Panel and you will see "User Accounts" there.

No Webcams, Scanners or Digital Cameras! - You cannot use these
items in this version of Windows because the "Windows Image
Acquisition" service is removed.

FTP Sites - There is no "built in" support for downloading
from FTP sites - try using Filezilla or WS_FTP if you need
to do that. This functionality is gone because the "Application
Layer Gateway" service is gone, along with ALG.EXE that normally
runs in Task Manager taking up about 6Mb RAM for what amounts
to no reason.

No Visiting Windows Update! - You cannot visit Windows Update
with this version of Windows because Internet Explorer is
removed. DO NOT INSTALL WINDOWS UPDATES! There is a chance
that a future update might replace the file "winlogon.exe".
If this file gets replaced with an unpatched original file,
you will not be able to log in to Windows! Rest assured that
this version of Windows is so stripped out, all the hotfixes
that Microsoft issue are actually not even needed! What are
most Hotfixes for? Internet Explorer, Outlook Express, Windows
Media Player... well none of those things exist in this edition
of Windows... most of the command line tools that viruses use
are also gone... so you do not have to worry about the fact that
you cannot (should not) install Windows Updates - it is more
worrying if you do install updates, because that WILL cause
you to not be able to log into Windows if "winlogon.exe" gets
replaced! There is more info below on what you can do if this
does happen and you end up not being able to log in.

No Fast User Switching! - Apart from you only being able to
have the one account anyway, the ability to do Fast User
Switching is also removed.

No Password Storage - Windows will not save stored passwords,
however, this only really applied to Internet Explorer and
Outlook Express, which are removed. You will be OK using Firefox
or Opera web browsers and Thunderbird email client for emails.
Those are self contained programs and take care of storing and
remembering your passwords by themselves.

No CD-ROM Autoplay - When you insert a CD that would bring up a
screen to install the program contained on the CD, this does not
happen in this version of Windows, you will have to explore the
CD manually and run whatever file it is that runs the program's
setup - usually "setup.exe" on the root of the CD.

No Smart Card Detection!

No Scheduled Tasks! - You cannot set programs, like AntiVirus or
Hard Disk Defrag programs to run in the future. If you are going
to run those types of programs you will have to manually scan or
defrag when it is convenient. Despite this, one program that will
schedule its operations is Perfectdisk defrag, you do not need
Task Scheduler for this program to run a scheduled defrag.

No Remote Desktop! - There is no Remote Desktop in this version of
Windows, because the "Terminal Services" service is removed.

No Themes! - You cannot have the Luna (Blue/Olive/Silver) desktop
themes in this version of Windows, the only theme you can choose
is "Windows Classic" which it is already set to by default.

No "Uninterruptible Power Supply" service! - I always thought
"UPS Service" delivered parcels but apparently not - if you have
this type of device then it will not work on this version of
Windows. A UPS is only used for emergencies like if you have a
power cut - thats if you even have such a device.



In this version of Windows, there is no DRIVER.CAB present on your
hard disk, so if you plug in a new device, make sure you point the
"Found New Hardware" wizard to the I386 folder on the Micro2003 CD.
This is what you need to do with Daemon Tools for its SCSI driver,
or a printer to install the USB driver file. Whilst this might be
inconvenient, all the vital drivers ARE included with this release,
they are just in I386 on your CD as opposed to being on your hard

Drivers that are kept in Windows include:

Ethernet (LAN)
Logitech Wingman (Joystick)
Microsoft SideWinder (Joystick)
MultiFunctional (Xircom CreditCard Ethernet+Modem 28.8, PCI, PCMCIA)
Sound Controllers
Wireless Ethernet

Also added: Sound drivers for VMware and all the sound drivers
from XP that are not normally in Server 2003 like "AC97" drivers.


What you can do:

Programs and games...
You can still install and run just about all the programs and games
that you can run on a normal installation of Windows. DirectX DLL
libraries (d3dx9) 24 to 33 are included as a seperate install in
the eXPerience folder on your desktop.

Graphics Performance...
Don't forget to go into the Hardware Acceleration folder that is
in the eXPerience folder on your desktop and run the small program
that is included there. Unlike Windows XP, you need to turn up your
Hardware Acceleration after installing graphics card drivers. This
small program will automatically turn up your Hardware Acceleration.
There is also a ReadMe.txt file there with more info.

Dial-Up Connectivity...
You can use a "Dial-Up broadband" connection. The three services
that are vital for this functionality (Remote Access Connection
Manager, Remote Access Auto Connection Manager and Telephony) are
all included in this edition of Windows. You have a good browser
included (Opera v9.21.8776) so you will be able to surf the
internet, regardless of your connection type.

You can use a printer with this edition of Windows.

16-Bit Support...
You can run old 16-Bit applications in this edition of Windows.

External Hard Disk Drives...
You can plug in external hard disk drives with this edition
of Windows, because the Logical Disk Manager service is still
remaining in Windows.


Quick note:

There is no OEMBIOS.BIN file on this ISO or in system32. If you install
any Windows Updates, maybe at some point the updates will detect the
hacked winlogon.exe file that is currently being used in system32. The
answer to this is - just never install any Windows Updates! Its not
like you are "securing" your system by installing Windows Updates on
this custom edition of Windows, because pretty much all of the things
that could be exploited have been removed. If you do install Windows
Updates and you end up not being able to log in, you will need to get
hold of the original files OEMBIOS.BI_ and winlogon.ex_ from another
Server 2003 Enterprise SP2 CD and uncab them with 7-Zip or any other
utility that can unpack those types of cab files (*.*_ files). You
will also need a live PE disc (like "miniPE") so you can get into
system32 whilst your Micro2003 install is not actually up and running
and copy both OEMBIOS.BIN and winlogon.exe to system32.

Play it safe - just don't install any Windows
Updates, its not like you need them!


Why is Opera chosen and not Firefox?

Opera is faster than Firefox - in fact, Opera is
the fastest Graphical Web Browser in Windows.

Opera starts up from a "cold start" faster than Firefox.

Opera is more secure than Firefox. In fact, Opera is
the most Secure Graphical Web Browser in Windows.

Opera's cache (back/forward performance) is
faster than Firefox, or any other browser.

Opera does support "Extensions" - they are called "Widgets".

Many popular Firefox Extensions are
already included in Opera BY DEFAULT.

Opera was the first browser to include an
Integrated Search feature back in 2000.

Opera was the first browser to include Pop-up Blocking back in 2000.

Opera invented "Tabbed Browsing" 13 years ago back in 1994.

Opera passes the Acid2 Browser Test in Windows, Firefox
does not, despite the test being 2 years old.

Opera's setup installer is smaller than Firefox
but Opera has more functionality out of the box.



(Micro2003 v0.7)

Released: 19th June 2007

01 - Added 16-Bit Support.

02 - Added Printing Support.

03 - Added VMware sound driver, if needed:
Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373) (WDM)

04 - Added "Command Prompt" registry tweak
to the right click of all explorer windows.

05 - Added mouse registry tweak to set the mouse speed on maximum.

06 - Added file fltlib.dll (17Kb) to system32
folder, this is needed for vLite

07 - Added file icmp.dll (5Kb) to system32 folder, this is needed for
Bashrat The Sneaky's driverpacks BASE to check for updated driverpacks.

08 - Added d3dx9_33.dll to the DirectX DLL Libraries optional install
that is in the desktop folder "eXPerience > Playing Games"

09 - Updated Opera web browser to v9.21.8776.

10 - Added file to change monitor resolution to 1024 x 768

11 - Added Hardware Acceleration tool so this
is done automatically on installation

12 - Combined the START2003.CMD and CLEAN.CMD
files into one file that runs in "Startup"

13 - Added back format support when
you right click a hard disk drive.

14 - Removed three more items with the new nLite
version 1.4 Beta, these three items are:

Security Configuration Wizard --- [Operating System Options]
Server Appliance Kit ------------ [Operating System Options]
Certificate Services ------------------- [Services] --------

The following 30 files relating to the above
three components are removed from I386:


This saved a total of 825Kb on the ISO.

15 - Added sound (and a few other) drivers from Windows XP that
are not normally included in Server 2003 for the following:

ALi Audio Accelerator WDM driver
ALi Audio Accelerator WDM driver (Fujitsu1)
ALi Audio Accelerator WDM driver (Fujitsu2)
ALi Audio Accelerator WDM driver(TOSHIBA)

Aureal Vortex 8810 Audio
Aureal Vortex 8820 Audio
Aureal Vortex 8830 Audio

Aztech 2320 Compatible PnP Audio

Creative 3D Stereo Enhancement Technology
Creative Advanced Wave Effects Synthesis for AWE32
Creative Advanced Wave Effects Synthesis for AWE32 Plug and Play
Creative AudioPCI (ES1370), SB PCI 64/128
Creative AudioPCI (ES1371,ES1373)
Creative AWE64 Gold 16-bit Audio (SB16 compatible)
Creative AWE64 Gold Wavetable MIDI (AWE32 compatible)
Creative AWE64 Wavetable MIDI (AWE32 compatible)
Creative AWE64-Compatible 16-bit Audio (SB16 compatible)
Creative AWE64-Compatible Wavetable MIDI (AWE32 compatible)
Creative Interface Manager Driver
Creative Plug and Play Device
Creative SB Live!
Creative SB Live! Mixer
Creative SB Live! Series
Creative SB Live! Value
Creative SBAWE MPU401 Emulation
Creative Sound Blaster 16 + AWE32 + compatible
Creative Sound Blaster 16 Plug and Play
Creative Sound Blaster AWE64
Creative Sound Blaster AWE64 Gold
Creative Sound Blaster Live! Wave Device
Creative Sound Blaster MPU-401
Creative Sound Blaster PCI
Creative Sound Blaster PCI512
Creative Sound Blaster PCI512 DirectSound Driver
Creative Sound Blaster PCI512 MIDI Synth
Creative Sound Blaster PCI512 MIDI UART
Creative Sound Blaster PCI512 Mixer
Creative Sound Blaster PCI512 Wave Device
Creative Sound Blaster PCI512 Wave Device
Creative Sound Blaster PCI512(WDM)
Creative SoundFont Manager Driver

Crystal SoundFusion™ Audio Device
Crystal SoundFusion™ CS4281 Joystick
Crystal SoundFusion™ CS4281 WDM Audio
Crystal SoundFusion™ Game Port
Crystal SoundFusion™ SPuD
Crystal SoundFusion™ SPuD3 Interface
Crystal SoundFusion™ WDM Interface
Crystal WDM Audio Codec

ESS 1969
ESS 1969 FM Synthesizer
ESS 1969 MPU-401
ESS 1969 PCI AudioDrive
ESS 1969 SoundBlaster Compatible
ESS Allegro Audio Driver
ESS AudioDrive
ESS Canyon 3D PCI AudioDrive
ESS Maestro
ESS Maestro 3 Audio Driver
ESS Maestro PCI for Toshiba Laptop
ESS Maestro1 PCI AudioDrive
ESS Maestro2 PCI AudioDrive
ESS Maestro2E MPU-401 Compatible
ESS Maestro2E PCI AudioDrive
ESS Maestro2E PCI AudioDrive
ESS Maestro2E Sound Blaster Compatible
ESS MaestroX Sound Blaster Compatible

Intel® 82801AA AC'97 Audio Controller
Intel® 82801AA/AB/BA/CA AC'97 Audio Controller
Intel® 82801AB AC'97 Audio Controller
Intel® 82801BA/BAM AC'97 Audio Controller
Intel® 82801CA/CAM AC'97 Audio Controller
Intel® AC'97 Audio Controller

Kernel Streaming WOW64 Thunk Service

Maestro DLS Synthesizer

Microsoft Kernel Acoustic Echo Canceller
Microsoft Kernel Audio Splitter
Microsoft Kernel DLS Syntheiszer
Microsoft Kernel DRM Audio Descrambler
Microsoft Kernel GS Wavetable Synthesizer
Microsoft Kernel System Audio Device
Microsoft Kernel Wave Audio Mixer
Microsoft MPU Audio Driver(WDM)
Microsoft MPU Audio Driver(WDM)
Microsoft MPU-401 MIDI UART Driver
Microsoft WINMM WDM Audio Compatibility Driver

NeoMagic MagicMedia 256 + AC97 Driver
NeoMagic MagicMedia 256AV Audio Driver

SiS 7018 Audio Driver

VIA AC'97 Audio Controller

Yamaha Direct Music(WDM)
Yamaha DS1 Game Port
YAMAHA Legacy DS1 WDM Driver
YAMAHA Native DS1 WDM Driver
YAMAHA OPL3-SAx Reserved

ISO File size is 100.43Mb


(Micro2003 v0.6)

Released: 12th May 2007

1 - Updated Windows to Service Pack 2.

2 - Updated Opera to v9.2.8771.

3 - The exact same services are included as are in the first
release (v0.5b), but to make it more convenient this time in
v0.6, all services are enabled. In the last release, many
services were disabled with the option to enable the ones
you need. This time, all services are enabled with the
option to disable the ones you don't need. Windows uses
about +5Mb of RAM because of these enabled services.
Windows uses 40Mb RAM.

ISO File size is 93.0Mb


(Micro2003 v0.5b)

Released: 21st March 2007

Micro2003 first release. Based on Windows Server 2003 Enterprise
SP1, without hotfixes. It has RAID drivers, Sound drivers and
Ethernet drivers included that are native to Windows Server 2003,
but most of the rest of Windows is ripped out. Windows uses 35Mb
RAM. Includes Opera Web Browser.

ISO file size is 90.6Mb.


ISO File Checksum (SHA-512)

After downloading this release, you can check the checksum of the
included ISO file to verify that it is a genuine eXPerience release.

To get the "SHA-512" checksum for this ISO file calculated, use the
included program "HashCalc.exe" and...

1 - Run HashCalc.
2 - Tick the "SHA512" tick box.
3 - Untick all other tickboxes.
4 - Click the browse "..." button (next to the white box)
5 - In the window that pops up, double click the ISO file.
6 - Click "Calculate"
7 - After about 10 seconds you will see a 128 digit number.

Make sure that the number shown in
HashCalc is the same as this one:


If your checksum number is not the same as above, don't use
this release, because it is not a genuine eXPerience release!

This same checksum code can be verified with the one in the
post for this release.

The ISO file is already bootable, just open the ISO file
with Nero and burn it as an image file.


Don't forget to join SnipeR's Redemption Network:



Enjoy this fine release from eXPerience
Release Date: June 19th 2007

88.6 MB

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Rar pass: www.2baksa.net

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Вводим эти символы в поле и кликаем "Download".

Уважаемые пользователи nowa.cc и 2baksa.ws. У нас сложилось тяжёлое финансовое положение. Мы работаем для вас вот уже более 15 лет и сейчас вынуждены просить о помощи. Окажите посильную поддержку проектам. Мы очень надеемся на вас. Реквизиты для переводов ниже.
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hoalantim 20.06.07 | 15:52:17

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teobchi 21.06.07 | 04:07:19

biggrin biggrin biggrin
Вот это облегчили!!!
Надо-ть посмотреть.
Спасибо brodyga!
dicm 22.06.07 | 19:11:55

мб на депозит кто нибудь зальтёт ? twisted
TheStorm 25.06.07 | 13:29:12

Спасибо! , но у меня есть проблема :
Могу я использовать победу. c. языке патч для этого ? sad
TheStorm 25.06.07 | 13:32:40

Спасибо! , но у меня есть проблема :

Могу ли я использовать Windows XP на языке патч для этого ? sad
TheStorm 25.06.07 | 16:27:22

Have you any muis ?
MaKCuMyC 04.07.07 | 20:40:51

автор пеарит оперу, значит сборка параноика.
ни в коем случае не ставить.
teobchi 05.10.08 | 22:05:42

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