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MadCap Flare 2023 v19.1.8677.41286
Новость от: marlon
Просмотров: 249

Управляйте всем рабочим процессом разработки контента с помощью MadCap Flare. MadCap Flare не имеет себе равных по своей мощности, универсальности и возможности масштабирования для команды или организации любого размера - от импорта и создания контента до вклада и анализа экспертов в предметной области, до многоканальной публикации, перевода и интегрированных облачных рабочих процессов.


Manage Your Entire Content Development Workflow with MadCap Flare. From importing and content creation, to subject matter expert contribution and review, to multi-channel publishing, translation and integrated cloud-based workflows, MadCap Flare is unmatched in its power, versatility, and ability to scale for any size team or organization.

Easy Content Import
Flare offers the easiest and most advanced import of legacy content in the industry including support for a wide range of file types using an easy drag and drop workflow. Migrate your legacy content – such as Microsoft® Word and Excel, Atlassian Confluence®, Adobe® RoboHelp® and FrameMaker®, DITA, Author-It®, and more – using our patented WYSIWYG XML Editor to author content in a familiar visual user interface. Plus, step-by-step import wizards offer advanced options to customize your import for added control to re-use your legacy content.

Advanced Content Authoring
A completely customizable interface makes it easy to create technical documentation, interactive eLearning courses, learning & development programs and much more.

Create Interactive eLearning Courses and Quizzes
Maximize content reuse, reduce costs and improve collaboration between technical authoring and learning & development teams.

Topic-based Authoring and the Building Blocks of Content Development
Content in MadCap Flare is organized differently than other applications like Microsoft® Word. Instead your content is stored in topics and other files such as images and videos.

Micro Content Authoring to Improve Search, Feed Chatbots
Micro content is what it sounds like–short, concise information that stands alone, maximizes and expands re-use of content beyond topic-based authoring, and is easily consumable by machine learning and AI applications. All micro content in Flare (new or existing) is tagged with unique XML extensions, making the content easy identifiable and ingested by machine ready and AI applications appropriately. Leverage micro content for use in your output and applications.

Use Pre-built Project Templates to Create Professional Print, Online and Mobile Content in Minutes
With dozens of pre-installed project templates–and a growing library of new modern responsive top navigation templates–you can publish gorgeous web and print-based outputs in minutes. Create stunning, professionally designed print brochures and books, interactive eLearning courses, online Help systems, knowledge bases, self-service support sites, eBooks, user manuals, and more without the need for any additional CSS development or creative resources.

Single-source Images and Videos with Capture and Mimic
Maximize content reuse by applying the same rules used for text to movies, callouts and images to your projects. By adding variables to callouts and images, there’s no need to recapture or reinsert images into your documentation when text or version changes are a requirement.

Streamlined Team Collaboration, Including Contribution and Review in the Cloud
With a streamlined approach to team collaboration, Flare provides workflows designed to make your content development smooth and efficient.

Multi-language Authoring, Translation and Publishing, Including Bi-directional Support
Deliver good documentation to your global users with Flare, with support for multi-language authoring, translation and publishing. Flare supports Unicode language characters, double-byte Asian languages and Eastern European languages, as well as bi-directional language authoring and publishing including Hebrew, Arabic and Persian.

Publish Fully Responsive HTML5 Websites, PDFs, and More
Ensure your content is accessible to your end users, wherever they are, and however they prefer to consume your content.

Find and Fix Issues with Powerful Project Analysis and Reporting
MadCap Flare offers powerful project analysis and reporting that can help find and fix issues with your projects. Run tests before you publish to find critical technical issues, such as broken links, duplicate stylesheets, missing images and more.

Micro Content and Data Analytics Are Changing the Content Development Game
How can you make sure you are giving your end users the information they need and want the most? By combining micro content from MadCap Flare and data analytics from MadCap Central, you can improve your content quality and ensure your users are finding the most relevant and accurate content they need quickly and easily.

System Requirements:
- 8 GB memory (RAM)
- 1.7 GB available hard drive space
- Windows 10, 64 bit, including all required updates
- Microsoft .NET Framework

Официальный Сайт | Homepage: https://www.madcapsoftware.com
Размер | Size: 1 GB


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