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Vanguard Princess v1.08u3 (by Tomoaki Sugeno)
Новость от: Liandri
Просмотров: 15069
Один из лучших файтингов на движке 2D Fighter Maker 2nd. В игре 10 персонажей, 5 помощников, шикарное оформление и головокружительные комбинации атак. Игра создана одним человеком (Tomoaki Sugeno aka Suge9) и полностью бесплатна.
С помощью дополнительной утилиты (LunaPort) возможна игра через интернет.


Vanguard Princess is a Japanese freeware 2D fighting game, developed by a single programmer and illustrator called Tomoaki Sugeno, nicknamed Suge9, a supposedly ex-Capcom employee.

Those who wish to preserve the present, those who wish to abolish it- Within the world is opposition and conflict; ruined, that future is nearing...
In the intensifying war, a passenger plane is mistakenly shot down. One by one, casualties are confirmed, but... One standing person, an uninjured little girl, comes out alive.
Before long, she was a lovely, fully-grown woman. Although, with the passing of time, mysterious abilities began to awaken.
At first, she was moved to private research facilities. These were halted by the eye of the Government, however. Analysis was initiated for military purposes.
The power that but bent Cosmic Law, people call "Planar Manipulation Sorcery".
In combat, eyes opened to the soaring military prowess in wake of this woman- At the demand for such a solidified military presence... Boundlessly severe and cruel human testing developed.
Perhaps, in the initial event, her magical power surged out of control, unintentionally causing the "Astral Impact".
The awe-inspiring magical shockwave extensively, as well as in mass, bestowed the blessing of Planar Manipulation Sorcery in young girls.
Soon, the forms of girls harnessing magical power became visible in large quantities. Because of that beautiful fighting figure, they were called, "Vanguard Princesses", inspiring the elite soldiers.
One year after, around the time the war also faced its end following the Astral Impact, a thought to be missing little girl reincarnated as "Executive Overseer" to the destruction of mankind.
And so, the created-to-lead Vanguard Princesses's battle engulfed the world...

• Untranslated...

System requirements:
• Windows 2000/XP/Vista
• DirectX 7
• 400 MHz
• 128 MB RAM

Resolution: 640x480 Fullscreen/Windowed/Resizeable

Homepage: http://suge9.blog58.fc2.com

Wiki / game info: http://vp.mizuumi.net

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9

ENG edition:

v1.08u3 - Скачать / Download - MegaUpload | FileFactory | DepositFiles - 174 MB
Пароль / Password: www.2baksa.net

Original JAP:

v1.08u3 - Скачать / Download - 173.4 MB


Online multiplayer:

LunaPort r49b - MediaFire - 393 KB

LunaPort homepage / updates:

Уважаемые пользователи nowa.cc и 2baksa.ws. У нас сложилось тяжёлое финансовое положение. Мы работаем для вас вот уже более 15 лет и сейчас вынуждены просить о помощи. Окажите посильную поддержку проектам. Мы очень надеемся на вас. Реквизиты для переводов ниже.
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Раздел: Игры | 04.04.11 | 15:35

Внимание! Всегда проверяйте анти-вирусом файлы, полученные по ссылкам в комментариях!
Attention! Always check files you download from links in comments with your anti-virus software!
Liandri 11.08.09 | 04:20:57

В "ENG edition" переведены все диалоговые окна движка, также нейтрализованы требования поддержки японского языка в системе в любом виде. Протестировано на XP SP3 и Vista x64.

Чтобы заставить LunaPort работать с "ENG edition", надо исправить в lunaport.ini параметры GameExe и CheckExeCRC:
Freed0m 11.08.09 | 17:19:34

Awesome game lol
6174 12.08.09 | 07:28:47

Other Downloads

When work is, C, please try to put the data on the drive
For Vista, right-click the Language bar, click Settings
Click Add in the service is installed
And "Japanese" and select
"Microsoft IME" and add the
General tab of the language of the provision "Microsoft IME" Change it

Option → Game is at the top of the screen can be set in the game,
Game speed and game timer will not change, please.
Cause of the defect.
Liandri 12.08.09 | 23:06:58

Ok, but i don't think it's good idea to link v1.01 while having v1.02 already released.
Besides, "ENG edition" posted here doesn't require any user-actions with OS settings - it will run fine on any-language Windows without japanese support.
BURAOT 15.08.09 | 12:42:16

can some1 upload the Jap -> Hotfix 12.08.09 - 10.9 MB thnx biggrin
Liandri 15.08.09 | 13:00:06

Mirror for JAP Hotfix 12.08.09: http://rapidshare.com/files...
BURAOT 15.08.09 | 18:03:44

@Liandri thnx
Heres another link for VGP 1.02 US EN with installer, for 2baksa peeps biggrin
Vanguard Princess 1.02 English Unofficial Installer

Vanguard Princess 1.01 English Unofficial Installer

All Links thnx to Saikyou
BURAOT 16.08.09 | 18:48:35

Does anyone Know Japanese, can some1 help me translating this stuff see piks, im currently fixing the Executable, coz theta's realese exe arent working fine





Thnx wink wink surprised
Liandri 16.08.09 | 20:17:34

1. Saikyou's installers will work only for English Windows. My installer will work for any-language Windows. It's also smaller by 70 MB.
2. This is not a theta release. It's game exe translated and modded by me. Everything is already translated pretty much properly, except for About dialog which is not important. The other 2 dialogs which you showed are not used by the game.

And what do you mean by "arent working fine"? What problems do you have with it?
Galio 17.08.09 | 01:48:39

Uninstall.exe = trojan horse? Tested on virustotal.com. arrow
Liandri 17.08.09 | 02:44:37

There are no trojans here. Tested by hands and on CWSandbox: http://research.sunbelt-sof...
BURAOT 18.08.09 | 17:36:11

On English Edition, The Keyboard and joystick options are not working thats the main thing smile
Liandri 18.08.09 | 21:26:14

You mean they just don't show up? Can you help me test updated version then? Please contact me here: http://2baksa.net/user/11/
Freed0m 20.08.09 | 03:50:22

You should fix the coding or whatnot for the Uninstall.exe since it reports on some AV as a possible Trojan. Other than that, great game.
Liandri 21.08.09 | 02:27:39

I shouldn't fix it because it is clean. It's a problem of AV.
BURAOT 21.08.09 | 11:16:02

File Is Clean Check ur AV

Btw Ive Used The Original Exe And Edit It, Do You Have A New Exe?
Liandri 27.08.09 | 01:16:31

Update: v1.03.01.

I updated translated exe (also emailed it to you), now it should work at least like original for you. If it is not, delete .manifest file and check it again.
Checked on XP SP3 rus/eng, Vista eng, Vista x64 rus, 7 rus - no problems with or without manifest. It was a bug of 3rd party software which is installed on your machine, preventing .manifest files to be applied correctly.
FRIC 19.09.09 | 01:57:16

Кто хочет со мной сыграть пишите 475124196
Liandri 19.09.09 | 02:24:16

LunaPort updated to r47.
Liandri 01.10.09 | 04:02:58

Game updated to v1.04.
LunaPort updated to r48.
Liandri 02.10.09 | 14:34:17

Added v1.04 changelog (thanks to chexk03).
Liandri 11.10.09 | 18:05:38

Game updated to v1.05.
LunaPort updated to r49.
Ofenya 11.10.09 | 21:42:42

BURAOT 12.10.09 | 05:49:58

FSB 12.10.09 | 17:15:04

я куда попал? русские есть? eek eek eek
FRIC 13.10.09 | 14:04:38

FSB да есть так парочка, а что ты хотел ? smile
SavitarSvit 03.02.10 | 19:46:39

Может кто нить перезальет версию 1.0.5 на нормальный обменник? С япошкиного сайта гемор качать. И объясните отличия этой версии от старых.
BURAOT 11.03.10 | 17:42:00

Y am i detecting a virus on the installer, btw theres a new version 1.05B
Liandri 11.03.10 | 17:49:58

There are no viruses there. And i know about update, thanks and sorry for not posting it, i haven't any time to do it yet.
Liandri 04.04.11 | 15:47:47

Updated to v1.08u3.
FrenFolio 04.04.11 | 15:49:46

Mirror (зеркало) to LetItBit

ENG edition:
Haximob 04.04.11 | 23:19:18

aivocco2Spam 05.04.11 | 06:35:49

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Здесь может быть Ваша реклама
Здесь может быть Ваша реклама
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