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Deadlight v1.1 (by Tequila Works) Eng/Fr/Ger/Ita/Spa/Jap + Soundtrack
Новость от: Liandri
Просмотров: 8615
Deadlight – аркадный платформер, действие которого разворачивается в 1986 году на западном побережье Америки.
Таинственная болезнь уничтожила практически всё человечество, а немногие выжившие превратились в обезумевших убийц.
В таких условиях предстоит выжить главному герою игры Рэндаллу Уэйну.

The world has ended. There is no hope. No new beginning. Only the survivors. DEADLIGHT follows the journey of Randall Wayne,
a man searching for his family across Seattle during the aftermath of a 1980s event that has decimated life on earth.
This visually stunning Cinematic Survival Platformer will challenge you to run, jump, climb, and struggle for your life as you look for answers and the ones you love.

• A beautiful deadly world where a misstep means death. Sharpen your surviving instinct and learn to turn the environment from foe to ally. In this hopeless world, an ordinary man, Randall Wayne, will reveal himself as a natural born survivor.
• Think. Mindless shooting is never a good idea: there are much more walking corpses than bullets. Be smart and avoid direct confrontations whenever you can.
• A suggestive world of darkness. 3D highly detailed models and environments mixed with 2D sidescroller old school gameplay to create a vintage 2.5D Cinematic Platformer. Unable to escape from the horror of this dying world, Randall Wayne's journey will lead him to Seattle, in a strange search beyond his own survival.
• HD graphics that enhance the immersion and atmosphere of a dead world
• New NIGHTMARE difficulty mode from the 80s. Totally rad!
• Tons of extras, making of videos, unreleased concept art and more!

System requirements:
• Windows XP/Vista/7
• DirectX 9c
• 2 GHz
• 2 GB RAM

Screenshots: #1 #2 #3 #4 #5 #6 #7 #8 #9 #10 #11 #12


Скачать / Download - BayFiles #1 #2 #3 #4 | BitShare | FreakShare | SockShare - 3.59 GB
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Раздел: Игры | 10.12.12 | 23:33

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Attention! Always check files you download from links in comments with your anti-virus software!
cordier 11.12.12 | 00:02:59

A very good game. Very short too smile But good!
raya2 11.12.12 | 00:10:33

Once again a load of awesome games & updates from Theta. 10X
I have a question about the size of your releases:
Isn't there any way to use a compression method for your releases for smaller sizes?
for example for this game, we have two other releases with too much smaller sizes:
- Deadlight.REPACK-KaPiTaLSiN - 1.3 GB
- Deadlight-KaOs 1.63 GB
Liandri 11.12.12 | 00:19:45

I think those repacks have movies ripped or they are using pre-compressing.
cordier 11.12.12 | 19:54:10

raya2, you should start reading nfos:

- Deadlight.REPACK-KaPiTaLSiN - movies recoded 40% @ 640x320
- Deadlight-KaOs 1.63 GB - ripped trailer videos, movies recoded 50%

Who would play a 1920x1080 game with 640x320 ingame movies ?? This is total trash and not even worth mentioning compared to THETA releases... Especially for a game like Deadlight which is famous for its movie sequences between levels.
machine4578 11.12.12 | 22:03:56

thank you so much Liandri and THETA!!!

i agree with you, although those repacks may be good for people with limited bandwidth, they are IMO total garbage!!! and could never be at he same level of quality as THETA the BEST p2p group ever!!
raya2 12.12.12 | 09:21:43


First of all, Like machine4578 siad there are too many people that have limited bandwidth or low internet connection speed (like me) that always search for the ripped versions

Second, Who said the Deadlight is famous for it's movies?! If the best part of a game is it's movies, that game is worth nothing...

Third, the link below is the nfo for "Deadlight.REPACK-KaPiTaLSiN" and in none part of it, It said movies recoded 40%. So you found the nfo for other game and mistake it with this one.



You are right But can't you use pre-compressing for your releases? I researched about it and it seems pre-compressing doesn't decrease the quality of the game but leads to a compressed game ?
stoled 12.12.12 | 09:54:56

those groups dont always have to resample videos, its done as a hobby, I work with a number of groups and know one of the two mentioned,theta could simply add some additional compression to their files but as it stands their work is almost always smaller than the scene anyway.

Liandri if you ever are interested in adding some extra compression to your releases I would be happy to help, you can find me on bg.
cordier 12.12.12 | 12:13:21

KaPiTaLSiN is done EXACTLY as I described, use google more please. I never claim unverified statements!
Speaking about the movies...I said famous, not best part! Do you know the difference? A condom is a famous part of sex but it is DEFINITELY NOT the best part smile cool Deadlight is actually described by Microsoft as "cinematic" platformer...please understand the hint...
In terms of bandwidth, I agree that you have a point and if you have limited bandwidth then size is very important. But then again if this is the case, you have a choice - download any of the other releases mentioned.
Liandri 12.12.12 | 12:32:43

Having smaller releases is good but not a priority for us. Providing a non-ripped working release via reasonably-sized (when compared to original) archive is what we are trying to do.
There are not so many cases where precompressing *dramatically* decreases the size, while it always demands more CPU/RAM/HDD resources. For those few cases where it really comes handy, our release process would need too much effort for it to be well-implemented, that's what i can say for now. I think we are winning enough bandwidth for many users by putting little more effort into smaller updates, atm.

Speaking of which, i just realized i forgot to mention that the soundtrack inside has been re-encoded into MP3/320 from original WAV. exclaim

After taking a look at some current repacks of this game, i'm thinking the precompression is not a major case here.

(I had to delete your link because it requires registration.)
raya2 12.12.12 | 23:02:17


1- I mentioned an nfo link and you didn't, so I won :D
(google is not always your friend)

2- One of the meanings of "famous" in most dictionaries like belows is "excellent" and "excellent=best" smile


3- "cinematic" platformer is not a platformer with cinematic movies (like what you think).
Cinemtic platformer focuses on fluid, lifelike movements, without the exaggerated physics...




Thank you for your response and your hard work. That was just a suggestion.
cordier 12.12.12 | 23:53:41

You totally won, man, you are the maaan! I humbly disappear from the scene surprised
I rest my case... biggrin
raya2 13.12.12 | 01:57:43

Yesssssss. I knew it that I'm going to win again biggrin
You must left the scene sometimes ago but now is also not too late; like somebody said:

Each time you catch a fish from water, It is going to be fresh...
stoled 13.12.12 | 19:43:34

is there any chance for an update only?
Liandri 13.12.12 | 23:36:26

It's our initial release version, we won't be making any updates for different releases.
Matizilla 31.01.13 | 20:31:28

Liandri. Please, can you stop making huge size releases? It takes a long time to open them. You can divide the installer in smaller parts (like Miasmata release from GOG, for example).
Liandri 01.02.13 | 01:25:52

Installer size has nothing to do with launch time, they always open instantly, at least for me. Executable size is below 200kb, the rest is overlay data, and OS will have no problems discovering that.
But whenever or not you have any 3rd party software that tries to read or copy or check or scan or do other stuff to each file you run with no regard to its structure, is your choice.
FrenFolio 01.02.13 | 09:55:21

Mirror (зеркало) to TurboBit

hushert 01.05.13 | 18:22:53

Liandri, can you re-load any working link? I downloaded part1 and part 2 but now bayfiles is offline and I can't download any more sad
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Здесь может быть Ваша реклама
Здесь может быть Ваша реклама
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